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Windswept Wood

  • Barn Gray
  • Prairie and Homestead
  • Cowboy, Wagon Red, and Prairie
  • Cowboy, Barn Gray, Homestead
  • Barn Gray
  • Wagon Red
  • Prairie
  • Cowboy
  • Prairie
  • Homestead
  • Barn Gray
  • Prairie
  • Cowboy

Teton West Colorado and Northern Priming and Pre-Stain (NPPS) have combined their expertise since 1973 in sawmill, lumber manufacturing, and factory finishing bringing a new look to wood siding, paneling and trim products.

“Windswept” is new factory-milled and finished trim and siding designed to replicate the natural texture and patina of aged and weathered barn wood.

All products are machine-factory finished using Olympic, the originator and leader in machine applied coating technology since 1908.

  • Manufactured from new lumber
  • Low V.O.C. environmental friendly and no lead paint residue commonly found in old barn wood
  • Excellent color retention for long-lasting rich colors
  • SunBlock™ UV protection that protects against harmful sun damage
  • Five year limited warranty
  • Utilizes factory-finish technology in a controlled environment promoting better air quality and consistent coverage
  • Five colors capturing the grays, browns, and even the barn red found in old buildings throughout the west
  • Species include: ES-LPP and SPF
  • Includes most standard siding, paneling, and trim patterns
  • All products are also available factory-primed
  • Trim stock available in four piece bundles
Finish colors may vary due to wood species and batch runs.

Teton Windswept Warranty

Installation Instructions

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