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  • Windswept Wood at its finest

    Windswept Wood at its finest

    Manufactured From New Lumber

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  • Featuring Blanca Forestry Products

    Featuring Blanca Forestry Products

    Blanca's SFI Certified Sawmill

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    Industrial Remanufacturing

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Teton West Colorado, LLC

We are Teton West Colorado! Proudly continuing the tradition of excellence started by Teton West Lumber over 40 years ago, we relocated to Fort Collins, Colorado in 2017. We retained several key employees as well as critical sawmill, remanufacturing, and logistics vendors while streamlining our product offering. The transition to Colorado and a new company has been exciting and challenging, and we would like to thank our many customers and business partners who have stayed with us. Your commitment and good will has made Teton West Colorado possible!

Teton West Colorado adds value to wood products from western sawmills. Our product mix includes pattern and industrial stock from our specialty manufacturing plants. In partnership with Northern Priming and Pre-stain (NPPS), our industrial remanufacture services include factory priming and pre-finishing on siding, trim, and fascia. Our unique Windswept® siding, trim and paneling is designed to replicate the natural texture and patina of aged and weathered wood.

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Proprietary packaging such as crib banding, sub-bundling, 1/4 pack, 1/2 pack, yard pack with paper wrap, logo stencil or bar code is provided to any specification.

We're proud supporters of Barcel Mill and Blanca Forestry Products. See Blanca's stock photo gallery.

Our commitment to the health of western forests starts with our choice of sawmills. These vendors employ sustainable harvest practices and are dedicated to responsible stewardship of our natural resources. In addition we process and repurpose beetle kill pine into usable lumber products for residential and commercial building and remodeling.

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